Cut Throat Fitness Industry

Yesterday on facebook, I saw a big debate with fitness models and competitors in the industry. Without naming names, basically one fitness model who is about to compete was saying his friend is better and more marketable than another very well known and publicized fitness model. This started a huge debate about competitions and magazine covers which angered a few people, while other people just laughed it off as entertainment. When I read this long thread on facebook, it sounded to me that the person who started this whole thing was eating his words a bit at the end of this silly debate, and the point he was trying to bring across just sounded really dumb.

Made me start to think about the last 4 years of my life, and how I dedicated my time, money and energy to get a little bit ahead in this very cut throat industry. Some people get ahead instantly, while others like myself had to work very hard just to get a fraction of what others have done in a short amount of time.

What I would like to ask is, what makes a person think that they are better than someone else? Just because Joe Blow has a great set of abs, a nice smile and got awarded their pro card at their last competition does not make them a good person inside. I have seen a lot and heard a lot in the world of fitness competitions, and so many people let their achievements get to their heads. They start to think that they are quite wonderful, and that people should know who they are when they walk down the street. Unless Joe Blow is like Arnold Schwarzenegger who was awarded Mr. Universe at the mere age of 20 and went on to winning the Mr. Olympia title 7 times, and also went on with an amazing career of fitness modeling, acting and bodybuilding, most people would not know who Joe Blow was.

Arnold at Olympia Pumping up the Crowd

Jamie Eason is a great example of an accomplished fitness model and writer. She basically has my dream job. She live and breaths fitness and gets to share it with the world, writing articles for Robert Kennedy's Oxygen Magazine, plus being on the cover of this well known magazine 2-3x per year. She also writes articles and shares recipes on, and in my opinion she seems so real and not full of herself. She also does not have to compete anymore to prove herself in the fitness industry. She is a business woman and has promoted herself quite well, and now has an amazing career.

Jamie Eason on the Cover of Oxygen Magazine

I follow Jamie on twitter and facebook, and not once have I read her bragging about herself. She battled cancer at a young age, which turned her life around. She became healthy and fit, and now gets to show everyone in the world how she did it, and shows that it is possible to stay lean and healthy and still eat delicious food and enjoy life.

My point is that I feel as if a lot of fitness models have forgotten how hard it was to achieve their dream bodies. I feel as if they forgot how difficult it was to get to the point in their lives that they are on magazine covers, or writing fitness articles. I am not saying everyone is like this, but some are. Some people need to remember where they used to be and where they are now and use it to help others.

If I was in the position of some fitness models out there, I would be trying so hard to help others reach their goals. I would use my position to create awareness in the obesity crisis, and I would be on the government's butts about the horrible food that they allow to be served to the public. I would educate others on how important it is to eat healthy and to remain active, not only to look good but to be healthy and fight disease.

I try my hardest already at work, in my group fitness classes, on facebook and twitter and I write articles for free to various websites and blog my workouts and post healthy recipes. I want to help people with their goals, whether it is weight loss, building a lean physique, competing, or learning how to eat well. If I was in Jamie Eason's position, I would be doing exactly what she is doing now. Her articles and posts have helped me in the past and I am sure they are helping thousands of people everyday.

I will continue to write blogs about fitness, health and workouts and I will also continue to tweet and facebook about it. If I help only a handful of people, then I am doing a good job!


  1. Thank you for this. I love your writing and you do inspire. I completely agree with you about the fitness industry being cut throat. I like your spin on it about be a good person that TRULLY makes you more beautiful in my eyes.

  2. Thank you! That means a lot to me =)

  3. I had a male friend when I was in High School and these days he too have compete in competitions like Mr. SA and other fitness competitions and with that, he have a big head. He thinks too much of himself and that caused me to wonder what happened to the humble and good person he was in High School.

  4. I dont understand why this happens to so many people. A lot of the times competitions get people no where in the industry, unless they make an effort. So when people get all arrogant about all of their achievements on stage is really quite baffling to me


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