Leg Day!

Wow I have been so busy lately with work and new projects and realized that I have not posted anything in a while. So today I will post my killer leg workout that I did with my friend Crystal.

Warm up on treadmill 5 minutes

Using the seated leg press: Glute kick backs, while standing, I had my chest against the chair and one foot on the platform of the seated leg press, extending leg all the way back and bringing it back to opposite knee. 12 reps(if you have a glute kick back machine, better option)
Leg Press

Split lunge jumps on bench: toe on bench, in lunge position, lower knee down and jump up as high as possible, 12 reps
3 sets
Split Lunge

Squats: at squat rack, 40lbs each side, 8 reps
3 sets
Squat Rack

Horizontal hack squat machine: 55lbs, one leg only, squat down and press up with power, foot jumping off platform. Land back in a one legged squat. 10 reps

Horizontal Hack Squat Machine
One leg seated hamstring curl: 45lbs, 8 reps 3 sets

Seated Hamstring Curl

One Leg dead lift: 30lbs, 8 reps

One Leg Dead lift

Walking lunges: holding 25lbs plates, 40-50 reps

Walking lunges