Weight Loss and Family

Let me ask you a question, how are you supposed to lose weight when you get no support at home?

I may sound a bit angry about this topic because I talk about this at least everyday with my clients at the gym. It frustrates me as well because I want them to reach their goals, but it's not possible at times when the people around them don't seem to care.

I also had a conversation today with a young client of mine about his family. He want to lose weight, and his family wants him to lose weight, but they continue to eat junk food around him and all they say is "you are not allowed to have this". Funny, hey?

What I mean is, how do you stick to clean eating when your family or your spouse is eating junk food at home right in front of you with no concern about your feelings? How are you supposed to resist temptation when it is brought in the house all the time? I bet there are many people out there have this happening right now, and you are angry at your family. I also bet there are a lot of people that will give in to temptation, then are angry with themselves and will not stop beating themselves up over screwing up again. It is a vicious and awful cycle of sabotage and feelings of defeat.

How do you try to fix this problem at home? When I say it is a problem, it really is. You have a goal of weight loss and your own family does not care and might think it is stupid. Why should you not care about your health just because they don't? That's not really fair.

Instead of ignoring the situation or having a big fight about it, sit down and talk about your goals and feelings. Tell your family that you really need help from them, and discuss how this is hard enough without all the temptation they bring around the house. If you approach it in a civilized manner, the situation should be easier to talk about.

Hopefully after approaching your family or your spouse, they are willing to understand you more and help a little. Hopefully when they see the positive changes in your health, they will be willing to make some changes too!


  1. It is sad when this happen where people don't have the support at home. They will never succeed if there aren't any support at home.

  2. This happened to me with my ex-husband. I still did it and lost weight and looked great but then he just made fun of me. Needless to say, ex! But totally agree, you need support if nowhere else, at home from the people who care and love you. Most people, if it's in the house, if it's there, they will eat it (me too!)

  3. Yes, most of the time they wont succeed.
    Funny Lisa, same thing happened to me with my ex. I decided to change my lifestyle and start working out and eating clean. He made fun of me! Terrible!

  4. This is a common issue, even with family members who DO want you to succeed.....not sure but here is an interesting story...my current partner is a clean eater (generally), meaning he has done the vegetarian thing, rarely eats greasy foods, cooks most meals, and chooses very healthy options....recently (since I have been trying hard core to strip fat), things like potato chips, cookies and other processed convenience foods have been entering the household (things he never ate before),now I don't believe he would not want me to look my best, but how does one not think that at times, when foods we never had in the house are all of a sudden creeping in on a weekly basis? Not to mention eating it in front of me, and then saying, "are you allowed to eat that?" Talk about slap in the face!
    Frustrating to say the least, and I have sat down with my family and talked to them about this, guess it's time to do it again. Thanks for the post.


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