Training For Me

I was asked a question the other day "what are you training for?" My answer was, "for me, just enjoying working out and having fun doing it".

I realized how great that felt to say that out loud! Not for a competition, not worried about putting on muscle in between competitions, just for me. That is the way it should be for everyone.

This summer I have been having fun doing all sorts of different activities, especially hiking around the Kelowna area. This city is very beautiful in the summer, surrounded by trees, lakes and mountains. The views at the top of the hikes are phenomenal. Makes me really appreciate where I live!

I have been training hard in the gym as well like I always do, since I love weight training and will never stop doing that. Weight training makes me feel strong and keeps me lean all year around!

Once per week I still run the stairs since it is another thing I enjoy doing outside. Hard work out but gets me outdoors!

Exercising should always be for you, not for that wedding in 1 month, or that beach vacation this winter. This is something everyone should make time for most days of the week. Keeps your body strong and healthy, and being healthy keeps you happy and makes life great. Always remember that.


  1. I love this post!! You are so right, it IS about ME! Sometime I can exercise for other people like my hubby and be let down when he doesn't notice how hard I tried....I need to just do it for me.

  2. Its all about you Sheri! Keep working hard girl!

  3. What a wonderful answer you gave to that person. But so true as well. We should all say that because that is suppose to be the reason why we exercise. For us, for us and our bodies. Not to lose the weight or to be fit but for the fact that we do it because we want to for us. Great answer


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