Its Been a While

Wow it has been a while since my last post, I feel bad! I have been so busy lately between work and writing for that I find it hard to be posting on my own blog lately!

Here's whats going on in my life.....

Started working part time at a new gym. Really love it there, and looking forward to the future with One Life Gym.

Writing for has been really great, and getting a lot of experience and exposure.

Going to Thailand in 6 weeks, getting pretty excited, especially since winter decided to come early this year. Bleh!

Brought 6 girls to the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic, which turned out to be the biggest bodybuilding show in all of Canada this year. 3 of the girls placed, and 2 got 1st place in their division!

Been working on a lot of healthy recipes and looking into either publishing an e-book or a real book hopefully next year. E-book is much easier.

Working out a lot and trying new things. Have been incorporating MMA style classes lately. Its nice to change it up.

Been chatting with Magnum Nutraceuticals, they seem interested in me but only time will tell....

New website up!

I think this is all. Hoping to start making new YouTube videos soon and also more articles and recipes.