Christy Farrell's Journey to the 2012 Western Canadians

I have the pleasure to train 103.9 The Juice's very own Christy Farrell for the Western Canadians, which is in Kelowna May 2012. She will be competing in the Figure Medium category, and I am really excited to see her transformation. We are going to be doing a lot of fun videos and I will be a guest speaker 2x per month on 103.9 The Juice for their new health and fitness chats.

We are already working on a lot of things together at One Life, and hoping that this is going to be a smooth weight loss journey for Christy.

Follow Christy's journey here:

I will also be updating her status here as well. Christy is super fun and easy to train, even though she calls me the devil already haha. She is also a very fun morning show host, check her out!

This is going to be a fun ride, can't wait to see her shred up!