Your 21 Day Christmas Exercise Plan

Today is exactly 21 days before Christmas, and there is no sense to put on the pre-Christmas weight! Just because there is an office party, or family get togethers, does not mean that you should lose all sense and drown yourself in cookies and egg nog.

Be the first of your friends and family to avoid putting on the pre-Christmas pounds this year, stay in shape!

Here is your 21 day Christmas exercise plan!

21. Sprinting intervals on treadmill: set the grade at 5%. Walk 1 minute and sprint 1 minute for 20 min.
20. Use skipping rope between sets
19. Hit all big muscle groups and superset them all
18. Join a new fun class at the gym
17. Add plyometrics into your leg routine
16. Hit the slopes!
15. Go for a walk with your family or a friend
14. Try intervals on the rowing machine. Set at 200 meters rowing super fast with 30 sec rest. 5-6 sets
13. Switch up your weight routine and try new and challenging things
12. Try out a running group for some outdoor activity
11. Say no to cookies and go for a power walk at lunch time instead
10. Take a spin class
9. Make up your own circuit with weights and cardio. Use a timer or gym boss for 30 sec circuits
8. First thing in the morning, do these 3 exercises 20 reps 3x, pushups, jump squats and bicycles
7. Use rowing machine between weight sets
6. Try a Zumba class(even if you don't like dancing. May be good to laugh at yourself)
5. Say no to all the office chocolates and do a 20 minute cardio circuit at the gym instead
4. Work on your least favorite exercises and learn to enjoy them
3. Play hooky at work and go snow shoeing with a friend(I did not say that!)
2. Do one of my sample living room workouts before hitting the road for Christmas
1. Do this before opening your gifts: 20 jumping jacks, 20 lunges, 20 mountain climbers 3x

Have a healthy and fit Christmas!