What Does Living Life Mean To You?

Someone said something to me the other day that made me think, and I have had this thought many many times before. What this person said to me was "you got to live" as they were downing their beer and eating their calamari.

I have heard this similar statement from others in the past, stating that they just "want to live", and to live was to party and drink. I too have felt this way a long time ago, not so much now that I am older and live a healthy lifestyle.

Maybe it's just me, but I find it strange that people consider getting drunk off your ass "living". Is that what living means to them? I have learned the hard way that perhaps fun at the time, but the consequences the next day after a night of drinking is not my idea of having a good time. In fact, what a waste of "life". So hung over the next day, you waste your day away laying on your couch and getting nothing accomplished,

After all of these years eating clean, especially around competition season, the thought of drinking loads of alcohol is not appealing to me at all anymore. Not saying I don't enjoy a drink or two, because I really do, I just don't like to drink a lot. I actually enjoy red wine, especially our wonderful British Columbia wine, but just a glass or two. To be honest, once in a while I may indulge a little too much, and I always regret it the next day. I feel as if I am not doing my body any favors by poisoning it with loads of alcohol, not to mention the empty calories.

What does "living" life mean to you? I would like you to share on my blog about what living life means to you.

To me, living life means feeling healthy, happy and experiencing wonderful and new things in the world. Without health, you cannot enjoy pleasures in life like traveling. I am pretty sure traveling with liver disease would be quite tough and not fun at all. My recent trip to Thailand was amazing, and I appreciate feeling healthy and strong to travel that far and move around as much as I did on this trip. I saw a lot of things and will never forget any of them. I ran, hiked, kayaked, took boats and planes all over Thailand.

To me, living life also means sharing great laughs and fun with your friends and family. These are the times I treasure, and can be any little thing like going for a walk while having a great chat, or just working out and having fun in the gym. Being healthy during these times make it much more enjoyable. I can't imagine trying to have a good time with my family if I had to inject insulin all the time due to diabetes because I couldn't stop eating bad food, or having a respirator attached to me 24/7 because I wouldn't quit smoking.

My journey and experiences around the world is far from over, as well as my journey with fitness. I will continue to work hard at my fitness as well as my career, and continue with my adventures around the globe feeling healthy and alive.

So again I ask, what does living life mean to you?


  1. I have had a few people say the same thing. That "I really should live life a little and have a few drinks, etc.." It use to annoy me, but I guess I am use to it now.
    To me, living my life being happy is what I want. If I eat chicken and vegies everyday, it's because I want to and I dont want to hear "why do you eat the same thing everyday?" I use to feel uncomfortable when people asked me that, now.. I tell them, "because I LIKE it." :)

  2. This is a great post! I've never been a big drinker so cutting it out during competitions was never too difficult but I do enjoy a drink every now and then! I totally agree that people someone's think "living" is being wasted at every fun event; and I'm all for having a good time but I've honestly been sober at most of my fun events and I truly think I've been "living" just fine! I can remember all of the good times :-)


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