11 weeks out

It's funny, this year I have a whole new outlook about competitions. I became very obsessed very quickly as soon as I started because I have been admiring all the figure and fitness girls since I was 23 years old. I love Oxygen Magazine and have been buying it for nearly 12 years, and will continue to do so.

My goal was to compete, and I finally did it at 30 years old. In May I am turning 35 and about to compete in my 11th competition. I want so badly to do well! My goal this year is to place for Nationals which is in Vancouver this year in August.

I came to the conclusion this year that if I don't do well at provincials, I am taking a very long break from competing. Very very long break. I need it mentally more then anything. I will be focusing on writing and a few other things that I am interested in. I love fitness and health and will continue inspiring others to live healthy and fit lives.

Even though I still love the sport, in a way I am starting to become....I am not sure how to say this, upset maybe?

The reason why I feel this way is because I see what it does to some of the competitors minds. They become obsessed with food, or working out, or obsessed with their bodies. This obsession can become very detrimental to their lives. They may become sick, or depressed. Their families are put on the back burner and also good friends. I ask myself "was I ever this crazy?" I hope not.

I have trained a lot of girls now for competitions, and they all have a different attitude about it. There are many girls that have a great attitude, they love the experience and just take it day to day with a positive attitude. This is what I love about the sport; the positive attitudes, the connections you make and the amazing women. They are proud of what they have accomplished and are amazed at how far they got with their bodies regardless of how they have placed the day of the show.

What I don't like is the sense of entitlement some competitors get. They have the attitude "I should have won" or "I should have placed higher". What is with this attitude? You don't know how hard the other girl worked to look better then you the day of your competition. Maybe you cheated too much on your diet.

I trained a few girls that were upset because they only placed 3rd. That makes me the most annoyed. I didn't even place well until my 4th show!

Like I say every time I train new girls for a show:

"You are not going to become a famous fitness model, or win money or land a cover of a magazine. All of this comes with massive amounts of work."

I know this for a fact.

The best thing to do is remain positive, realize that this is a goal you want to achieve no matter how you place and have an amazing learning experience and journey along the way.

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