Top Dirty Things To Avoid Touching

I got inspired to write this blog while watching "The Doctors" this morning. Germs freak me out, and i learned a few dirty things today that I will share with you, plus my own ideas of what to avoid touching if you can't wash your hands right away.

1. Tray tables in the airplane

This really shocked me. The doctors were talking about this one with some airline folks hiding in the background so they do not lose their jobs. Tray tables do not get cleaned at all! People put their snotty rags on there, sneeze on them, change their babies DIAPERS on them and I have even seem people vomit on them. Sick!

Your defense: bring alcohol wipes with you on the plane. I did this on my way to Thailand. You can disinfect everything with them, including your tray. How wonderful!

2. Bathroom floors

Doesn't matter where it is, public washrooms, washrooms in the airplane. Don't pull a Britney and walk into public washrooms bare foot. Sick! What a great way to pick up urine and fecal matter on your feet.

Your defense: obvious one, wear your shoes. And on the plane, if you choose to take your shoes off, wear the slippers that are provided for you, or put your shoes back on before heading to the bathroom!

3. Toilet seats

Yuck yuck yuck. I don't know how people sit on them without layering up with toilet paper like I do. You can pick up diarrhea, bladder infections and god knows what else.

Your defense: unless you want to squat over every toilet seat A La Doctor Oz, most places now offer toilet seat covers or even an alcohol gel dispenser to wipe your seat with.

4. Door knobs

Door knobs freak me out. Do you know how many people touched that door know before you did? Who knows what they touched. Yes I am paranoid.

Your defense: wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. I carry hand sanitizer everywhere with me.

5. Your cell phone

Your phone is probably covered in germs. Think about it; you are out all day touching many different things then you grab your phone to text someone. Then you touch your face, then your food....also the phone touches your face. It's a never ending germ cycle!

Your defense: sanitize your phone. Obviously don't give it a bath, but there are sanitizing wipes for phones, or I have a diluted bottle of bleach at home where I lightly spray a piece of paper towel and wipe my phone with it. I also heard of this new putty thing that you can use to roll over your phone and your computer key board that apparently takes the germs right off of it. Sounds interesting.

6. Weights and other gym equipment

Whatever you do, don't touch your face or rub your eyes while you are working out! Do you know how many people I see use the toilet and walk out without washing their hands? Then they go and workout, and then you are the next in line to grab those dumbbells. It's so gross. Why don't people wash their hands after they use the toilet??

Your defense: when you are done your workout, wash your hands before you leave. It's not that hard.

These are just a few of what I think are super germy things to clean up or avoid touching. Obviously you cannot wear germ-zapping gloves wherever you go(that would be cool) but try to protect your health as much as possible. Wash your hands before eating, use hand sanitizer and don't touch your face.

Just in case you already forgot, here is exactly what happens when you touch germs...

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  1. I was shocked to read about the air plane trays never being cleaned. Now that is shocking and this past December I have touched them so much :(

  2. I was shocked too. No wonder a lot of people get sick while traveling!


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