12 Years Of Fitness

I was walking over to the dumbbell rack the other day for my next exercise, and took a minute to watch all the people around me training. Some people were training hard and others not to hard, but they were still working out.

There were all sorts of people, from the very fit to the beginner testing out new exercises. They were all doing their thing and seemed to enjoy it.

I then realized that my birthday is coming up, and thought to myself, "wow, I have been training non-stop for 12 years!"

I am really proud of myself! I went from an overweight, sedentary girl to a fit and healthy woman and never looked back. Fitness was never an on and off thing for me, as soon as I started, I just never stopped! It just clicked with me immediately when I first picked up a set of dumbbells.

Fitness is part of my life and I never feel like its a burden or a chore. I just do it like anything else in my life like brushing my teeth or getting dressed in the morning. If I didn't have fitness in my life, I would be lost and empty. Fitness is just part of my life now, everyday. I just do it.

Sometimes I think about what my life would be like if I didn't choose a healthier lifestyle, and I cringe at the thought. I could just picture myself much heavier, sitting on the couch eating Kraft dinner with cut up hot dogs, with a bag of chips for dessert. Yes I did used to eat this way, everyday.

I love the feeling that I can do anything I want at anytime. If I wanted to run 5k, I could. If someone told me to drop and do 10 full pushups, I would give them 40 in a row. I could challenge most guys with a leg press or a squat. If a friends' car broke down, I could help them push it down the street. I can carry 18 liter water jugs in each hand on water day.

The possibilities are endless if you have fitness and health on your side. There are no excuses and its never too late to start. If everyone felt even half of how I feel about fitness, this world would definitely be a healthier and happier place.

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  1. Wow I love your perspective on this. It's so impressive that you've stayed committed for so long and that is has in fact, become a part of you after you've been through "the other side." What's also awesome is now you're helping others on their journeys! What an accomplishment!!! You're an inspiration!

  2. Well done for doing the fitness thing for 12 years now. You are so right in saying that this is a way of life and that it is part of your life. This is how it is for me as well and I have only done this for almost 2 years now.


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