6 Days To Go!

I have 6 days left before I compete in bikini masters at the BC Provincials! Let me say that this has been quite the journey. For starters, I realize now that I started my diet WAY too early. I didn't need too! I lost 5 pounds in Thailand from my pineapple, chicken, squid and beer diet(hahahaha) and was already ready.

Unfortunately I have let opinions and advice get to me over the years and had the mentality that "leaner is better" which is not always the case. I am glad I realized this.

I learned a lot about myself this time around and had a lot of realizations about competitions and the mental toll it takes on one's mind. Not just me, but most people. We put way to much pressure on ourselves to be top 5 at these competitions, and for what? For a bag of goodies and a trophy.

We need to learn to compete against ourselves and become the best we can be in our own eyes, and not in the eyes of others. We need to take an experience, be amazed and proud of our accomplishment, and realize not everyone can do what we just did.

If I place top 5, yes I will be thrilled. I will be able to go to Nationals and compete for my IFBB Pro Card. If I don't place? Well I already have plans for the future with what I will do next. Will I cry? Hell no! I will just be happy that I didn't trip in my heels while I push my hip and ass out for 200 people to look at.

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  1. Just remember you are doing this for yourself and try to have some fun while you're on your trip!

  2. Its going to be so much fun! I am going with a great group of girls and have the evening planned out already :)

  3. I am so excited for you Doll!! More excited cause I get to see you shake it!


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