Not Perfect

I had a conversation with a client today, and have had the same conversation with many clients before her about the same thing. Clean eating and me.

What I mean is that people seem to think that I am perfect when it comes to eating. Not only perfect, they think I was perfect immediately when I decided to change my lifestyle. Well, newsflash! I am not perfect and nowhere near perfect. No one is and nobody can be.

For those of you that have been following me for a while know that my journey with fitness and health started in my early 20's. I was lucky because my love for the gym was immediate, and I did not have a problem sticking to working out. It was the food that I had an issue with. I had no idea what to eat!

My first phase was eating more consistently throughout the day, which was not a problem because I loved to eat. The problem was my food choices. I thought sugary granola bars and bowls full of raisin bran cereal was healthy, which definitely is not. Too much sugar and other processed junk in these foods, and definitely not enough protein.

I also went through a phase of non-real food, eating protein bars and drinking shakes 5-6 times per day. That doesn't cut it either, because there is still no fruit or veggies in these foods, and they are still processed.

Finally started figuring things out; eggs and oats in the morning, chicken and veggies in the afternoon, protein shakes and fruit post workout. Then on the weekend I blew it all on my cheat meal and alcohol. I would eat a whole medium size panago primo vegetarian pizza to myself and a 6 pack of beer! That is about 2400 calories, and 900 of that in corona's which are empty calories.

Then after my binge, I would go to the bar with my friends and ingest more empty calories. No wonder it took me forever to see results. Thank goodness I am not like this or into this kind of lifestyle anymore.

So you see, I was not perfect immediately with my diet. I just never gave up. I was never one of these people that said "I screwed up on my diet so I am just going to keep eating bad and skip the gym. Why should I bother?" Nope, not me!

I am still not perfect, but I am perfect 90% of the time. I rather be this way. I feel good everyday, feel healthy and feel happy. I was not happy back then, and did not feel healthy that's for sure.

The choice is yours, either you choose to eat clean most of the time with a few indulgences here and there, or you choose to eat like crap everyday and feel and look like crap everyday. We all have choices, I pick the first option.


  1. I love that you say that Shakes and bars aren't healthy, good food. There's so many people who just can't get over the fact that Shakes will help them lose the weight. I never liked those Shakes nor the snack bars. I liked real food but my problem was that I had it in large quantities. Luckily, I have my portion sizes sorted now.

  2. That's awesome! Good for you! I rather eat real food, better for you and more satisfying :)


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