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Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Ugly Side of Competing

This year was an interesting and eye opening year for me. My views about competing have changed dramatically.

This year I have seen it all, and it's quite scary. I have seen what happens to people during competition prep and after the competition is over. I'm not just saying the competitors; trainers as well.

This year on the trainers side of things, I have seen the jealousy; the back-stabbing; the deceitfulness; long friendships gone sour; taking credit for the work of other trainers; and this ugly list keeps going and going.

On another note, I have seen the damage competing can cause in an individual. I have seen how something that should be a positive experience can quickly turn negative. Body image issues are very real, and I am experiencing this myself this year. You wish you can look like how you did on stage, and the post-competition weight plays with your head and makes you feel like you look like a cow when in reality you don't.

I have also seen the obsessiveness post competition in my clients this year; the obsessiveness about working out like a maniac trying to make up for the damage from the night before with bad food or alcohol or the obsessiveness about competing in general. Also this year I have seen eating disorders; the break up of marriages; friendships lost; deceitful behaviour; the use of certain "supplements".

I don't mean to sound negative, but this is reality of the bodybuilding industry.

What also got to me this year, and maybe I felt like this before, is all the people in this industry who are so full of themselves because they may be "well known", or "sponsored", or have a "pro card". Big f**king deal!

I try my hardest to coach anyone who comes to me for training or posing. Not just in these aspects, but I try to prepare them for what may happen post competition, I try to keep them positive as much as possible because this is a very hard goal to achieve. It just makes me so sad to see one of my girls upset after they get off stage.

On a positive note, I have seen the good that can come out of competing. I have seen people change their lives for the better. I have seen the most unhealthiest person become very health conscience and devote their lives to health and fitness. I have also made great friends that will last a lifetime.

I will be taking next year off from competing to focus on myself, my mental well being, my marriage, travelling, friendship, family and focusing on having a balanced lifestyle. I won't be quitting, just taking a well deserved break and hoping to come back to the figure world in 2014 with a fresh mind, and a banging new body!

- Angelique K


  1. I saw some ugliness on stage this year during finals. I did my first competition last month and I did not let it bother me but I also assume that is because I was busy trying to take it all in and was consumed with my own stuff to worry about the people around me.

    Enjoy the year off and I look forward to seeing the progress.