Adventures of MsFitBC: 3 days in Playa Grande

The end of my 3 days in Playa Grande is near, and I am happy to leave. I have such mixed feelings about this place, but it was such an amazing beach!

The beach is definitely the most beautiful beach I have ever seen, and I was so happy while I was there. It was huge, especially early in the morning during my runs. It is quiet and clean and so peaceful. Many surfers come to this area because the waves are continual, which makes it great for surfing. I met a few Texas people here that work here and have lived here for years because they love to surf.

There are some amazing rocks down the beach and the waves look so awesome smashing down on them. Everyone sits out on the beach every night to watch the amazing sunset and scenery. Over the ocean the pelicans are sailing in groups and in the distance you can see sail boats in the sunset. Crabs fill the beach and are running along and digging their holes. It was truly magical.

What I did not like about this area is after the sun is down, there is NOTHING to do. There are no attractions, no town, no stores, nothing. Because its so secluded, restaurants jack up their prices because there weren't too many options. Dinner was so expensive at one restaurant that it was basically like eating in Canada. I thought that was wrong. I didn't end up eating there.

After being in Playas Del Coco for 3 nights, I sure noticed the price difference in everything. Playa grande was double in price for food, drinks, coffee and even coconuts! That's just wrong.

I actually would like to come back, but only if I stay at a beach front condo with my own groceries. We ended up getting a cooler and buying random food. A 6 pack of Costa Rica Imperial beer was $1.50. Playa Del Coco charged $1.50 for one Imperial and Playa Grande charged $3-$3.50.

I sure saw cool wildlife while I was here. Lots of cool birds, lizards, geckos, monkeys, crabs and snakes. And some of these animals are not shy!

Tamarindo is close by and is about a 1/2 hour jog away, probably close to one hour walk. The beaches are divided by a river and there are many men out in their boats giving people rides across for a small fee. Tamarindo is very lively and has a great beach as well. Lots of people around and lots to see and do. We ended up going in 2 days in a row. Definitely looks like a party town, which may make Playa Grande appealing to most people. I may stay here one night near the end of my trip.

All the locals hung out at our hotel every night because the beer here was slightly cheaper than in the rest of the area- that is if you are a local. We got in a fight with the bartender because he tried to scam us. So we stopped ordering food and drinks from him and brought down our own food instead, lol. The locals got a little obnoxious because they would get drunk and very loud.

The managers at this hotel were soooo nice and great to chat with. They made our stay more enjoyable since the rooms itself were like hanging out in a large plywood box lol. They definitely need to renovate these rooms. The grounds were beautiful.

I'm definitely going to miss Playa Grande beach, but excited to venture off to our next location- Playa Coyote!

- Angelique K