Adventures of MsFitBC: 3 Days in Playas Del Coco

Just spent 3 days in Playa Del Coco, Costa Rica. What a great area! This place can cater to all sorts of people; from the backpackers to the people that want luxury. You can find it all here.

Great food, friendly people, awesome beach. I didn't do any tours, but there are plenty to choose from to keep yourself entertained.

I stayed at Laura's House B&B, what a great little place! I am shooting for $50 or less per night. This place averaged $55 per night. Small hotel with free wifi, great air con, clean and comfy. Free breakfast in the morning of fruit, toast, cereal and coffee,but there is a full breakfast menu which I will order off of today.

                                                        Laura's House B&B

We ate at Coconutz Bar and Grill 4 times while we were here(yes 4x). The reason why we went back so much is because it had great food for cheap($5 for a huge plate of grilled chicken, salad, rice and black beans), delicious breakfast, free wifi, great location, live bands most days of the week, great service, cheap beer, great atmosphere, the list goes on and on. We went to another restaurant for dinner but just found it ok, and we did scope out some others, but the prices were more, and Coconutz was always the busiest place in town.

I ran on the black sand beach every morning, my favourite way to start the day! Had to go no later than 7am though, or it gets too hot! Lots of people out at that time going for a morning stroll with their friends or their dogs. Found a few coconut stands, which was a great way to rehydrate after a hot run.

We toured around to Playa Hermosa and that was a great beach. Very quiet, except for those evil little monkeys that throw coconuts at your car rental! We are lucky we didn't have dents all over our car, just monkey poop, lol. We saw a lot of wildlife around this area; many monkeys and a few huge iguanas.

We decided to drive out to Santa Rosa National Park about 1/2 hour past Liberia. It unfortunately wasn't worth the trip. It's very dry in this area right now, and really was not much to see. I just kept trying to remember that I was hiking in Costa Rica, which is pretty cool.

Ended our active day back at Coconutz, and listened to a live band from Canada! We were so exhausted that one beer felt like 6, so we were in bed by 9:30pm.

Today we are checking out and on our way to Playa Grande National Park for 3 days. The Leatherback turtles are conserved here, so hopefully I will see some! Supposed to be great snorkelling there so I will test out my new snorkel gear. Also Playa Grande is supposed to be a great place to learn to surf, so I will hopefully test my surfing skills here. On our way out today we will probably make a beach stop at Playa Flamingo since we will be leaving early.

On to our next adventure!

-Angelique K