Ladder Circuit

I decided to do a ladder workout. What I mean by "ladder" is picking a group of exercises, start at one rep each, then two, then three, etc all the way to ten with no breaks. Take a break when you get to the "top", then go back down. It was a great workout!

By the end of the workout, you end up doing 110 reps of each exercise. Ouch!

Here is my workout of the day on Sunday June 16th. Hope you dads out there had a great Father's Day!

**note: do not attempt this if you are a beginner. This is an advanced workout**

Ladder Circuit

Assisted pull ups
Wide grip lat pull down
Triceps rope press
Straight arm lateral raises
Weighted Ab crunch(I used a lat pull down machine with a rope attachment)

Keep going through this circuit starting at 1 rep each until you finish 10 reps each. Take a break and go bak down the ladder :)

- Angelique K