Booty Workout

Here is my workout of the day, very booty specific :)

6 sets of back squats: 1st set warm up set with the bar, 4th set should be the heaviest for 3-5 reps, drop the weight in half for the 5th set for 12-15 reps

Skier lunges 10 reps each leg(I do this with my straight leg behind the platform or bench, lower down as far as you can go to engage gluteus)

SUPERSET lateral raises heavy 8-10 reps with 2 drop sets 10 reps
4 sets

Single leg press on assisted pull-up machine:

On an assisted pull up machine, add a heavy counterweight. One foot is on the stand, other foot on the step behind you. Press down using your legs/glutes/abs to control it, and once your leg is parrallel with your hip, press it back down, holding the side bars for support. Heavy 10 reps each leg

SUPERSET one legged bridge on bench 10 reps each leg

SUPERSET barbell shoulder press 10-15 reps
4 sets

- Angelique K