Hanging up the Old Heels

On July 25th I decided to enter another figure competition, and after it was over, I decided to retire from the sport.

There are many reasons why I came up with this conclusion, and one big reason is that I cannot achieve the physique the judges are looking for in a natural way. I will never put myself through permanent physical changes for a trophy. It's just not me.

Another big reason, I started seeing an old side of me that I thought I left behind 3 years ago. I started to get obsessed. That's not me, I left that girl behind a long time ago. I realized she started creeping back and I said to myself "listen lady, I don't like you, get out of here!" And she left, good riddance.

Also, another reason that I got permanently turned off from this sport is the body shaming that these women put themselves through. I walked into the bathroom and had to hear a whole conversation between two bikini girls while I was in the stall, about how they aren't lean enough and how they don't look good enough and how they are going to get bigger boobs before their next competition. What?? Seriously get a hold of yourself.

One huge thing about competing, is that everyone gets addicted to looking a certain way. When you start to look a bit softer because you put on a couple of pounds, it's time to sign up for the next competition. I have seen this happen for years. Why not work on goals for yourself and not for a competition? We all need to find balance in our lives and be happy. Having permanent abs is not going to make you happy because you will be forever worried about what you eat, and that, my friend is not happiness.

This sport is obsessive, and I have seen it time and time again, and it can turn the nicest most relaxed person into a demon. It's awful. The thing is, we all have to pay to enter this competition! Why are we getting so obsessed and wrapped up into something that we spend hundreds of dollars on?

This sport is also hard on the body and brain. I have been exhausted since Saturday and it makes me angry at myself because I know this is how I feel after every competition. It takes a toll on your body and it's not fun to deal with.

I see constant Facebook posts about competitors, and that used to be motivating to me, now they just annoy me. It's like that's all most fitness minded people care about these days!

Isn't fitness supposed to be a lifestyle?

I love working out, love putting on muscle, and love to be lean....for myself, not for a sparkly bikini standing in front of a panel of judges who are deciding if you are good enough, lean enough, have big enough shoulders, or nicer hair or a better smile then the others. That's not healthy, that's not fitness.

I'm going to focus on me, focus on being a great coach, and focus on mentoring those that do want to compete. My focus is to get my clients on that stage in a healthy manner and to keep their focus on their fitness lifestyle, for life, not for a competition.

Be fit, train like a beast, get jacked naturally, have wine on the weekends, eat "froyo" after a hard deadlift session, go hiking, kayak, challenge yourself to new things, find balance. You CAN be fit and have fun while doing so. You CAN have abs and have a beer on the weekend.

Balance people, balance.

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-Angelique Kronebusch