Italy So Far

Colosseum at night 

So far Italy has been an amazing place. I toured around Rome, went to the colosseum, did an amazing food tour, went to Florence, saw the beauty and the architecture, went to Siena and drank at the piazza, and went to a famous castle walled town of San Gimignano.

Walls of San Gimignano 

Walking around. These smaller places made my mind race, wondering how it was like to live here back in the medieval days of knights on horses, and wearing huge dresses with corsets, in this heat! I didn't realize Italy was so hot.

Working out has been a challenge. I have resorted to 25 minute hotel room workouts so far. In Florence, my hotel had a lot of stairs, so I would climb those over and over. I am glad that Italy is a place to walk everywhere you go so I can burn off extra calories of wine and gelato. I definitely jump on doing the "touristy" things like climbing 400+ stairs at the Duomo in Florence.

The wine here is amazing, if you know what you are looking for. With the food and wine tours that I did, they taught us how to look for the best wine. Vini DOP (Wines with Protected Designation of Origin): This category includes two sub-categories, i.e. Vini DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) and Vini DOCG (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin). DOC wines must have been IGP wines for at least 5 years. They all have a sticker.

Wine tour lunch

Wine country

I arrived in Venice yesterday afternoon, so far very beautiful, and very creepy. I will do my best to take pictures of what I mean. This city is amazing, and at night the small alleys can make a wandering mind race.

-Angelique Kronebusch