I'm Alive

We all have problems, and some people have worse problems than others. How you deal with your problems is your choice, but to be negative and feel sorry for yourself is only going to get you so far in life. I choose to look at my problems right in the eyes and punch them hard in the face. That's how I deal.

When I found out I had Hashimoto Disease, yes I did cry a little. I had a day of "this is bullshit, I try so hard to be healthy!" But I decided to deal with it and just fix myself. That was my only choice, that's all I saw, there is no other way.

I guess I could have just been depressed about it and chose to drown myself in a bottle on merlot and eat a box of chocolates, but that's not me. I'm too strong for that attitude. It's useless and makes me feel weak, and I sure as shit ain't weak.

We all need to realize that we are alive. WE ARE ALIVE! Move your body and remind yourself that you are alive! You aren't dead, so why act like you are? You are wasting your precious time here on Earth feeling sorry for yourself and wallowing in your self-pity. Don't do it! There's no time.

Today with my tired body, I decided to go to the Apple Bowl and sprint in the sunshine. I realized that my aching knees were reminding me that I am alive. Even though my legs hated me during my sprints, I was enjoying every minute and soaked up that precious vitamin D. My legs were sore from my previous workout, my knees felt rusty from not running for a long time, my ankles ached and my feet felt sore. But I didn't care. It actually felt great.

Sometimes you need to remind yourself why you are alive, you need to dust yourself off and stop with the negative behaviour. No one can help you, you have to do it for yourself. You need to be your own hero.