Life Is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful

Did you ever really think of these words? What do they mean to you? 

We all take life for granted. We have fancy phones, fancy cars and clothes. We complain about little things that don't really matter and have this attitude that we are entitled to more. We have all been there, whether you think so or not.

We see something beautiful and we think, "wow that's so nice". But did you ever just really look at this beautiful thing you see and REALLY look at it? What does it mean to you? Why did you think it's beautiful?

As I get older, I try to stop and think about the amazing things around me. As I sit here on my patio because I can't seem to sleep, I am looking at this flawless sky and listening to the birds waking up. Even though I can't sleep and work is going to suck, I can't help but think about how amazing it is out here. So quiet, so pristine, so beautiful. 

I am thinking of my life, and even though I am having some issues, things can be much worse. I live in a beautiful condo that I own, with amazing things around me. I can't help but think how lucky I really am because so many people on this beautiful planet that we call home really have nothing. They live on the streets, barely eat and wonder if they will live another day. 

Even though life can be hard at times, we choose to make our lives the way it is. Stop and think about what you have achieved instead of thinking life sucks, because it really doesn't. If you think life sucks, then it will. 

Choose to believe that your life is beautiful, and cherish the beautiful things around you. Stop and look at the flowers on the side of the road, take a minute to soak up the sun, tell the people that mean something to you how much you love them, because you don't want to miss out on a single moment.

Choose life, choose your life. It's beautiful.

Remember one thing, through every dark night there's a bright day ahead ~ Tupac Shakur