Solo Travel for Self Discovery

A few weeks ago I decided to go on a solo vacation. I never thought I would be the person to do this but I didn't even think twice about it when I booked my vacation. 

I have been having major stress in my life and I just realized I needed time on my own. I had a "wtf" moment and I just needed to get out of my situation. I'm sure we have all felt like that a few times in our lives.

I decided to go to Red Mountain Adventure Resort in St. George, Utah. I have been eyeing this place out for years, and instead of going on a weekend trip to Vegas with the girls that would definitely lead to self-saboteury, I thought I would do something healthy where I can go on my own.

I must say, Utah is amazing! It's beautiful, the mountains are spectacular, and the weather is awesome. 

I love the desert and love hot weather so I was in my element. I didn't care that I was sweating down my face, I loved every minute. The heat loves me.

My first night at the resort, I decided to go on a kayak adventure. It was great. I didn't realize I was so good at kayaking on my own. I was the best. I was in a race with everyone else(they didn't know), and I was so fast. I wish we had more time before the sun set because I wasn't ready to be finished.

My second day there was the best. I went hiking for 3 hours at Camel Back mountain and climbed some rocks. I took the best pictures. Back at the resort I went to the pool, hit the gym, then decided to rent a Camaro and drive to Vegas. Yes that's what I do, I fly on the seat of my pants. I hung out at Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris hotel for a few hours, watched the Bellagio fountains, walked around and then drove to the Hard Rock hotel and got a small tattoo at Hart and Huntington. Vegas is like second nature to me. I have been so many times, so I felt safe and at home just walking around. 

I got back to St. George at 3am and passed out. I woke up way too early and decided to eat something which I knew would make me sleepy. And it sure did. I went back to sleep until 10:30am. Thank goodness. I  decided to drive out to Pioneer Parkway and hike by myself. I went on a 2 hour hike, climbed some rocks, ran down some sandy paths and was on my own with no one around except the lizards, rabbits and my deep thoughts. This whole time I tried to forget my problems by keeping busy, but I was forced to face my them because it was just me and nature. It was time.

Pioneer Parkway 

Snow Canyon 

I got back to the resort and I couldn't sit there. I started walking and didn't stop. I went into Snow Canyon State Park and kept going. I actually sang out loud while listening to my music(sorry Mother Nature), and I never do this.

I came to some realizations, some were good and some were things I didn't want to face, but I know it will make me a better and stronger person. I can't keep holding on to hope and how things used to be because that's not what life is about. When you hold on to how things used to be, you will wind up hurt and confused. I don't want that and neither does anyone else. 

I am curious to see how the rest of this year plays out for me. As the hummingbirds and dragonflies float past me and winter arrives again, I will be waiting for joy and happiness to arrive and take me on to a better road in life. 

Always wish for joy and happiness. We all deserve it.


  1. I've been to Utah by the way and Northern Arizona. Like you I love to travel. I've been to Europe twice,Mexico twice and to the Caribbean twice. My aunt ask where I want to go next? The Bahamas. And I've got on blogger going too. Fantasy stories I might add.

    1. Travel is the best thing ever! Send me your blog!

  2. Awesome Pics Angelique! Glad you had fun. If your next trip to Utah isn't a solo, let me know. I still need to get my butt up North too ;-)


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