Hashimoto's Lifestyle

This was an interesting year for me. I went through a lot of changes, physically, mentally and emotionally. Everything seems to be settling now, which I definitely needed because this summer was a hard one. I went through some things that I don't really want to share, but because of all the stress on top of not sleeping or eating well, my thyroid went through hell. I lost a lot of hair. My precious hair that I took for granted. It has thinned out.

I scared myself. I try not to cry when I think of my hair. It is a bad feeling when you know you had the thickest hair that everyone envied, and now that too has changed. I realized I needed to take better care of myself asap. No more wine, no more sugar, no more stress. I don't want any of it. I need to fix this. I need to get my body into remission.

I consider myself lucky that I got into health and fitness at such a young age. I am so lucky that I put muscle on over the years that has helped me stay lean. I am so glad that I joined a gym when I was 22 years old. I am thankful that my body was fighting this without me knowing about it.

I will be staying on my AIP diet 110% until I no longer have hashimoto's. I have worked hard with my career and in the gym, so this is no big deal to me. If you want results, no matter what it is, you must work for it. Nothing comes easy and I will not be "fixing" myself with a pill. Prescription drugs can stay out of my body, it's nothing but poison.

If you have hashimoto's disease, or any type of autoimmune disease, I understand what you are going through, and staying in shape is THE most important thing you can do for yourself. Trust me. You have to move. You have to workout and move that body. You have to eat healthy or things will get worse. It's ultimately your decision, and my decision is to be healthy. Period. I constantly surround myself with health and stay away from those who choose to destroy their bodies. It's not for me. Health is the most important thing for a good life, and having a good life is pretty amazing.

I choose to feel amazing everyday. I don't need a hero, I am my own hero.