3 days out

I am 3 days away until I am on stage for the Western Canadians! I had a rough week and a few unexpected things happened to make the last 2 weeks difficult, but I got through it and more than ready for this show!

Today is my last workout and I will be doing a circuit of some kind, just upper body. It is very important not to have sore legs on stage. Thursday morning I will start with my tanning products and Friday night no more water. I am also excited to carb load on Friday, since I have not been eating carbs this week. Sure took it out of me yesterday! Good thing I gave away my classes, I totally passed out yesterday afternoon for 3 hours. No carbs and lack of sleep really got to me yesterday.

I am very excited to eat peanut butter on Saturday! Sounds stupid, but I love peanut butter (natural only) and for the show I eat peanut butter on rice cakes with honey. The fats and sugar go immediately to the muscles and makes a person look very vascular. Also chocolate, yummy! All the stuff I am not allowed to eat during my diet, I will be eating on Saturday.

This is going to be a tough show, I am hoping to do well since my posing is better than ever and I believe I am leaner than my last show in March. I guess I will find out Saturday night. Wish me luck!


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