New Focus, New Goals!

I am still in denial that I won the Figure Short category at the WBFF Alberta Championships, but I know I did since I see the award on my table everyday! I have been thinking of my goals for next year, and I have decided to back out of the Sandra Wickham in November and focus on building as much muscle as possible for the WBFF BC Championships in April 2011.

In 2011, I will again be competing in Figure Short and Fitness Model. My focus is to win the figure short category and win figure overall which will award me my WBFF Pro Card! I would also like to place top 10 in the fitness model category next year. I did not give my best effort for this round on Saturday and I know I can do better.

After competing at the WBFF for the 2nd time, I realized what great opportunities this organization would have for someone like me. Their athletes are treated well and their efforts are definitely awarded. This organization is getting huge, especially when they have big names like Monica Brant joining their organization as one of their pros! I have been idolizing Monica for 10 years, and I would love to see her again :)

I will be helping Team Kelowna and training them for Sandra Wickham, and will be travelling out with them to watch the show. I know it will be hard to watch wishing that I could be up on stage with them, but I need to sit this one out and train super hard these next 10 months!

I will try for WBFF BC Championships for my pro card, and if I do not succeed, I will be heading out to the Alberta Championships and trying there as well. If I don't succeed there, I will fly out to World's in Toronto 2011 and succeed there! No matter what, I am going pro in 2011!


  1. I like the drive and commitment you have to reach your goal and not just complete it, but shatter it with flying colors.

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