Crazy Workout!

I was having a blah day today, unmotivated and lazy. I wanted to go to the gym all day and felt like I was fighting with myself. Finally I got to the gym at 5:10pm and I only had 50 minutes before the gym closed. My good friend Ashley was working at the front desk and I got caught up with talking to her and thinking to myself, "I could sit here and talk to her all day!" I finally at 5:20pm started my workout and realized that I did not have very much time at all.

I decided to hit my back, abs and shoulders.

Warm up bent over rows at the squat rack with the bar
Wide grip pull ups 6 reps
Hanging leg raises 12 reps

Bent over rows added 25lbs on each side of the bar, 8 reps
Wide grip pull ups 4 reps
Hanging leg raises 12 reps
Repeated again switching to close grip pull ups for 6 reps, felt burnt out already

One arm dumbbell rows 55lbs 6 reps
Lateral raises 15lbs 12 reps
Bench knee tucks 20 reps
3 sets of each lowering my one arm rows to 50lbs at 8 reps

Reverse fly 15lbs 10 reps
Lateral raises 15lbs 10 reps
3 sets each

Inverted pull ups at smith machine 3 sets 10 reps

Cable straight arm pulldown 70lbs 8 reps
Front shoulder raises holding 25lbs plate 8 reps

Went to rowing machine, had 8 minutes left. Set the rowing machine at level 10 and 200 meters with 1 minute rest. Fast intervals pulling and pushing as hard and fast as possible for 4 sets. My heart was racing and I was very sweaty by the end of this work out.

I am really glad that I went to the gym and had a great work out!