8 Weeks Out for the Sandra Wickham Show!

Today I am officially 8 weeks out. I had crazy work outs this week. I always train hard with weights and that is very important to me, especially during the cutting phase. I did not expect to change my mind about competing again this year so I have to lose some weight, good news is I don't have to lose too much!

For the next 8 weeks, I am going to focus on High Intensity Interval Training and more full body workouts that make you want to pass out and vomit when you are done. Yes this sounds extreme, but it is the name of the game and I do not feel like being in the gym for hours and hours.

This week I have done cardio intervals on the rowing machine, taking 1 minute rests. I set the rowing machine to 300 meters and row as fast and as hard as possible until I reach 0 meters. Usually I shoot for 5 sets, and by the 3rd set I do not want to do it anymore. I find that this is the hardest and sickest interval training out of anything I have done. I rather push the prowler around anytime!

I have also done intervals on the treadmill, setting the incline to around 5-6, with a fast walk at 1 minute and as fast as possible run for 1 minute. I did 15 minutes of this, but will bump it to 20 minutes.

I also ran the famous Rutland stairs, and I do 10 intervals of this. My trainer Sean advised me to just run them as fast as I can and leave the lunges out. I will do this because it will take me 15 minutes instead of 25 minutes.

This week I also did some sprints at the Apple Bowl. 60 meter sprints as fast as possible for 10 rounds. This one I liked a lot but was very painful the next day. Shins, quads, glutes, calves, and obliques were very sore and my obliques are still sore from those sprints. I also did some drills after the sprints with legs, chest and core.

So this is the crazy stuff I did this week, and I took today off which was well deserved. Will hit the rowing machine again tomorrow!!