Work Out for Friday, October 22nd

3 weeks to go before I hit the stage at Sandra Wickham! I have been working out really hard since I decided to do this competition and had to catch up fast. Since I decided to compete 5 weeks ago, I have been sore almost everyday, lol!

This is what I did yesterday with my friend Karolina. We kept most of our work out as intense as possible with HIIT.

5 sets on Rowing Machine for 200 meters, 30 second rests in between
25 minutes of intervals on Stationary Bike

Circuit Training:

Lunge with one leg hop: reverse lunge, bring knee up and hop on other foot. 15 reps each leg
Plank Rows with Burpee/Shoulder Press combo: 10 reps
30 Pushups
3 sets back to back no rest in between

20 Jump Squats
15 Shoulder Press and 15 Bicep Curls
Abs: Plank on ball, Scizzor Kicks, Crunches
3 sets back to back

We finished off with more abs and arms. Might not sound like we did too much, but this was a very intense work out exhausting all muscle groups with very little rest. Try it!