Low Body Fat: Not Just For Looks

People are obsessed with their image, whether its the latest fashion or their hair, people generally want to look good all the time. Part of this image for some people is maintaining low body fat. Of course we all like this look and it is hard to achieve this without sacrifice in our diets, but I think that people do not realize all the health benefits of having, and keeping a low body fat percentage.

Health Canada states that a normal body mass index should be between 18.5-24.9%, which my personal opinion does not work for all body types, like a professional bodybuilder may be overweight on the BMI chart according to his height, but actually has very little body fat or for someone like me who is very petite and the BMI chart states that I am underweight.

Other statistics show that men should maintain a body fat percentage of 15% or less and women should be 25% or less. Personally I find for women 25% is still on the high side because since we carry more body fat, we are at risk for breast cancer and heart disease.

One of the biggest health benefits from a low body fat percentage is probably the reduced risk of heart problems. Statistics clearly reveal that most of the people suffering from heart problems have a higher percentage of body fat.

Studies have shown that people with more fat around their abdomen are more likely to suffer from Type 2 Diabetes than those with less body fat around the waist. So it really is important to work on that six pack abs after all including heavy weight training, healthy eating and cardiovascular exercises.
Low body fat also reduces the risk of Sleep Apnea, which causes shortness of breath and can even lead to heart attacks. So ladies, not only is it annoying that our husbands snore loud, we need to get them in the gym to start working on their health.

There are more and more cases of cancer these days and having low body fat also reduces the risk of various types of cancers such as uterine cancer, cancer of the gallbladder, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, and colon cancer in women. In men, chances of colon cancer, prostate cancer, and cancer of the rectum are reduced.

These are good reasons and statistics to keep your health in check. Like I said it is not just about looks, and I always have to remind people these things when they ask why I train so much. Cancer runs in my family and for myself, training hard and eating clean is so very important in my life. Its the little changes that make a big difference in a persons life, like eating out less or only having a treat once or twice per week rather than everyday. We all got to take some responsibility for these little changes for ourselves, and our family to remain as healthy as possible and to live a long and beautiful life :)


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  2. Good post. People forget that eating healthy and exercising is more than just about looking good.

  3. Thank you, I really like to remind people about this. It is so important.

  4. GREAT topic Angelique ☺

    I agree with you... 25% body fat for women is too high. Just because it is a written "guideline" in our health systems, majority of people believe this to be the healthy body fat. Thank you for writing this post ♥ Accurate information is the only way both women and men will begin to question the norm and find out what body fat is really best for them and their health.

    Over the years I have made a dedicated effort to keep my body fat at a healthy but lower then "recommended" level. A couple of times when I have aloud my body fat to increase I have paid the price physically and mentally.

    From my personal experience, being "lean" improves your state of mind, outlook on life and overall physical health. Just one example... high blood pressure runs in my family and thankfully because of my diet and exercise I've been able to maintain an optimal blood pressure my entire adult life. I have never taken medication, I have controlled it simply by controlling my body fat through diet and activity.

    By implementing some small simple disciplines you can have a lean, healthy body, and fully enjoy your life... if you avoid / neglect these small simple disciplines, sooner then later you will have to deal with the results which are unhappiness and poor health.

    At the end of the day, low body fat and health are aren't separate subjects, they are one in the same ☼

    Great topic Angelique... keep it up ♥

  5. thank you, I really appreciate these positive comments xoxo


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