5 weeks

So I have another 5 weeks until I hit the competition diet, and I am ready and excited! Some may think I am crazy, but I enjoy being strict and seeing how far I can push my body towards getting lean.

Since November I have been hitting the weights hard and trying to build my back and shoulders as much as possible, and not doing very much cardio. I have been eating a lot, sometimes I think too much, but I need to build more muscle. I did give myself a peanut butter intervention the other day, so no more of that around me for now!

My competition diet starts March 6th, which is a Sunday so I can have my last bit of wine before saying goodbye to it for 12 weeks. I will also start more cardio, 3 days a week of HIIT, stair running and lots and lots of plyo and skipping. I will split my muscle groups to upper and lower, then eventually doing full body routines to burn as many calories as possible.

I have a goal this time around, need to get to 4% body fat since I tend to carry a little extra in my waistline. But who knows, I may not have to because I can already tell I put on more muscle in my back, legs and abs. Not sure about the shoulders though, since they have been giving me grief this past month, but nothing a little IMS will help with. OUCH!!

Getting a new suit from Gingerwear, this one is going to be blinged out! Had to sell 3 suits to buy this one. Can't wait until I see it! So exciting, its like getting a new Coach purse or new shoes!

I will post progress pictures every week to motivate myself and others. Hopefully the end result will be amazing!


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