Healthy Diet vs. Exercise

I had this conversation a few times yesterday about diet verses exercise. By now most people should realize that you cannot out-train a bad diet. Basically if you eat healthy all the time and only train 3 times per week, you will most likely look fitter than the person who is busting their butt 5-6 times per week but eats junk food and sugar all day long.

I have been working at the same gym for almost 3 years now, and sometimes I have the urge to go talk to the members that I have seen for this amount of time who look exactly the same or even put on more weight over the last few years. They are obviously not sticking to a clean diet because in the gym they are working hard and sweating a lot 5 times per week, so they are definitely not slacking off.

I am going to use a girl in my gym as an example and I will call her Cardio Carrie. Cardio Carrie is always at the gym the same time everyday for 2 hours. I see Cardio Carrie busting her butt running on the treadmill and lifting heavy weights. She is running all over the gym doing a lot of different exercises. If I saw Cardio Carrie on the street, I would not think she even had a gym membership. I would assume that Cardio Carrie was very sedentary.

The truth is Cardio Carrie not only exercises everyday, but she has put on weight the last few years. I don't have to talk to Cardio Carrie to know that she obviously sabotages herself with food and possibly alcohol.

The way you eat is 80% of what you look like. I know for myself that if I indulge more than I should, I will notice it in a few weeks when I try to put on my skinny jeans, and I work out very hard everyday and sometimes 2x per day.

So the conclusion to my blog today is diet is very important to reach your weight loss goals. There is no point to be killing yourself in the gym and then sabotage all your hard work and health with fast food and alcohol everyday. I rather see people stick to a clean diet and only exercise 3 times per week than eating very poorly and exercise 5-6 times per week. So clean your diet up and start now, there are no more excuses because I have seen and heard them all.


  1. So true! I struggle with this, I'll kill my workouts in the gym but eat horribly and obviously not get any results. I been working on the eating part, its getting better everyday.


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