Workout February 15

I have not posted a workout for a while, so this is what I did today. I am really happy that my strength has gone up!

Rowing machine intervals: set at 200m and highest tension, rowing as fast and hard until 0m. 30 seconds rest between sets. Need to work on these, want to start at 300m.

Back Workout:

Close grip unassisted pullups: 6 reps
Wide grip seated pull down: 17.5lbs, 8 reps for 2 sets, 22.5lbs 5 reps for 2 sets
Superset 4 sets

Wide grip cables full range of motion: on knees between cable cage, 60lbs, 6-8 reps
Seated reverse fly machine: 50lbs, 6 reps
Superset 4 sets

Seated unilateral cable row: 22.5lbs, 6 reps
Seated close grip pulldown: 42.5lbs, 6 reps
Superset 4 sets

Biceps and Shoulders:

Standing bicep one arm cable curls: 15lbs, 8 reps
Standing cable one arm lateral raises: straight arm, 7.5lbs 8-10 reps
Superset 4 sets

Standing cable shoulder press: 17.5lbs, 8 reps
Bent over one arm cable rear delt fly: 7.5lbs, 6-8 reps
Superset 3 sets

Hammer curls: 20lbs, 8 reps
3 sets