The Ideal Body Type

I was having a good conversation with my friend last night during our cardio session about different body types. Jennifer Lopez was on the television and we started discussing her body type. My friend pointed out that she always has a flat belly, and she is curvy. I mentioned how she has the voluptuous hour glass body type and that is quite a desirable look. My friend asked me why she is not "ripped" looking.

Not everyone likes the ripped look, meaning lean with definition. There are a lot of girls that just workout enough to look fit and slim, which is what they desire. Everyone is different on how they wish they could look. I desire to be lean all the time with more muscle then I have right now, but not every girl thinks this is a good look. Lots of celebrity women and women in general desire the slim look, and a lot of them do work out and eat clean but they do not want to lift very heavy, which is what they choose for themselves.

Even though I love the muscular look, some girls think it is not attractive and I actually have been called "gross and disgusting looking". I did not let it bother me too much, because this came from a girl who was not fit at all. I told her that was her opinion and I have my own opinion of what looks good. We are all entitled to our own opinion!

I was just reading a fellow fitness girl's blog this morning, and she was discussing how people have asked her if she was on steroids. I have been asked that a few times myself. I used to get mad, but now I just laugh. I lift heavy, work hard and eat clean. That is why I look the way I do.

So what is your ideal body type?


  1. when I first started my weight loss journey I wanted to be skinny, look like a stick with a butt I said! that I have accomplished more weight loss than ever thought I could Im focusing on muscle..I want to look ripped in the arms but not big muscle just look like I lift, I want those defined abs know... great post!!


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