Gym Boss Workout

I was wanting to purchase a gym boss for a while, I did and I love it! I wish I got it before! Its sure handy to use without having to use a watch to time yourself, especially when you are having a hard workout and you can't think properly, lol!
There were 3 of us girls working out together, so I set the gymboss to 30 second intervals with a 10 second rest, basically enough time to switch exercises. We did 5 rounds of 3 exercises and 3 sets each.

1. lateral jumps over step, pushups, weighted jump squat/shoulder press
2. cable alternating rows, burpees, squat/lateral raises
3. power pushups, plank rows, alternating power lunges
4. inverted smith machine pullup, over bench hops, sumo squats
5. Bruce Lee abs, bench dips, over bench foot switch hops

I know a lot of these exercises do not make sense, but I am planning on making more youtube videos using my gym boss. Stay tuned!


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