My Experience at My First Competition

This year I will be doing my 9th and 10th competition in 4 years! Crazy! I can't believe I have done this many and how passionate I am about it. Not only am I competing against so many great people, it is a personal competition against myself.

I grew up a very shy girl, not liking the spotlight of any kind. I wore frumpy baggy clothes in high school because I did not like people looking at my body, and felt uncomfortable if guys could see my butt. I barely smiled and ended up being quite the loner at times, rather hang out on my own then with other people.
First Fitness Shoot with Sonia Photography
In my 20's I became obsessed with Oxygen Magazine and decided to start working out at the gym to try to build muscle, and I would dream of being like one of those girls in the magazine, so muscular and up on stage showing off all their hard work. As much as I dreamed of it, I never thought I would do it and never thought my body would get that way. Even though I felt this way, I continued to work out hard 5-6 times per week.

Monica Brant on an old issue of Oxygen, still one of my favorite competitors!

In 2008 is when I decided to compete, basically throwing myself into in and really having no idea what I was doing. January of 2008 I started googling competitions and found Fame West in March and right then and there signed up for the show. I couldn't believe I just did that! I remember staring at the computer screen thinking "what did I just do?" After a few minutes, I went into the kitchen and told my husband, "I just signed up for a fitness model and bikini competition in Vancouver at the end of March!" My husband just said, "ok..." sounding unsure, lol.

Right away I hit the gym extra hard, lifting heavier weights and doing more cardio. I started eating about 1200 calories right away, which was hard because I usually eat 1500-1800 everyday. I still ate cereal at night 4 years ago, lol!! So my diet was completely changed and I had 2 months to lean out.

It was so hard for me, I felt cranky and upset. I really did not know what I was doing and did not know anyone who could help me or give me guidance. I researched the internet but did not know what to look for. I knew what I needed for the show and that was it. I ordered 2 swimsuits from Victoria Secret and found clear shoes in some random store somewhere in town, which were not high enough.

I remember one evening I had a slip up with my diet and was so hard on myself(hence my cheat meals now which keep me sane). I ate too much carbs and drank red wine with my friends. Now I look back at that and I know why I felt this way, not enough fats in my diet made me cranky and sluggish, and too much deprivation made me feel crazy.

Wine, my nemisis!

Finally the day came, and we drove to North Vancouver for the registration meeting. I was so nervous! I got there and saw so many ripped and tanned people and thought to myself "I do not look like this!"

I signed up for a camp, and remember Fatima, who was running this camp, she says to me "You are not dark enough, I hope you have some protan". I was like "no...what is protan?" Well, we sure had an interesting night, driving around downtown Vancouver to a few supplement places looking for this "Protan". My poor husband, he was painting me until 2am!

Basically I only practiced posing at this camp and that was it. I had no idea how important it was to practice posing and walking. I practice all the time now, even when I brush my teeth haha!!

Day of the show, I arrived backstage and it was so intimidating. So many girls in one room and so many were so ripped with these amazing bikinis and suits. I felt so out of place. I did find a few girls to talk to, and I had no idea about water loading and depleting, diuretics and all that stuff. I was freaked out!!

First Show-Fitness Model Round

I was in line backstage and I was thinking "I am not prepared for this". I remember I finally got on stage and just basically did whatever. Not really sure if it looked good, but I did it. I bombed the fitness model round. By the time the bikini round came, I did not care anymore. I must have been more relaxed looking because I did much better and found out later that I placed 7th out of 21 girls.

First Show- Bikini Round

When everything was over, I was upset but at the same time I was determined to do this again and do better! I ended up learning so much through other competitors and on the internet, and getting help with my diet from a company in the US. Eventually I figured out what worked with my body on my own and learned what not to do! I started competing in Figure, which I just love to this day, and had help from my trainer Sean Hawthorne on how to pose. He also kicks my butt from time to time.

I started placing well by my 4th show, which was my most memorable time. I placed 2nd in Fitness Model at the Fame Nationals in 2009 and cried like a baby, lol! The judge who awarded me asked me "are you ok?" and I said "yes, just happy!" I was very happy, I worked so hard and practiced so much.

Fame Nationals 2009- 2nd Place Fitness Model

Last year finally got a 1st place! Yay me! 1st place Figure short at the WBFF Alberta Championships. It felt unreal, like it was not happening. I couldn't believe I placed 1st!

I have different plans for this year, and different goals. I have come a long way from a shy girl that didn't like being looked at to this woman who embraces her body and is proud of all the hard work and dedication I have.

1st Place Figure Short-WBFF 2010

I finally realize that I am one of those girls in the magazines! It is amazing how my body has transformed in the last 4 years of lifting heavy, the right supplements and hours and hours at the gym. I never gave up, never got discouraged and never wanted to quit.

Now I am guiding others on how to compete and started my first figure and bikini camp this year for the Western Canadians, prepping other girls how to walk, pose, and everything else they need to know. I also decided to start a new name for my company called "Team Extreme Bodies Contest Prep" for those out there that are serious about competition prep.

Can't wait to compete again this year! I will announce my shows soon, until then I will be training hard and eating clean!


  1. love this story. I can tell how your body totally got better every time..very inspiring!

  2. Thank you so much for the nice comment! I have tried very hard these last 11 years of training no matter what others think! Thanks again!

  3. What a GREAT story! love this! ... and hope I can start doing better by my fourth show! :)

  4. You will! Just never give up :)

  5. Reading your blogs, stories, exercise routines and food advice is very inspiring. Thanks for the time you put into sharing what you know.


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