2011 Western Canadians

Finally May 21st came! I was so excited to watch all my girls on stage, after all the hard work I put them through and all the posing I made them do. After 12 weeks of intense training, dieting and practice, the day was finally here!

I felt extremely proud of them all yesterday, especially when 5 of my 7 girls placed top 5. They actually placed top 4 which was even better and more exciting!

                                                                     Bikini Division

Crystal Raposo - 4th Place Bikini Short
Crystal came on board 7 weeks out after I approached her about doing this show. She decided to go for it and busted her butt giving 110% and she was amazing! She was shy at first, but up on stage she was a completely different girl, confident and sexy! I see great things in the competition world for Crystal, she is a natural and a beauty.

Tracy Rippel - 1st Place Bikini Medium I am very proud of Tracy, she came a long way and really stood out on stage!
She actually blew my mind when I was watching her up there! I did know she placed top 5 since she got first call outs, but I did not expect 1st place, so I was so happy and excited for her! I just can imagine what was going on in her head up there when she was announced the winner of her category :)
This was a goal for Tracy since her 20's and I was determined to get her to her goal of competing.

Andrea Mikkelson - 3rd Place Bikini Medium Tall
I approached Andrea about competing since I was training her for a while and she had made an amazing transformation with her body. She said "I could never get up there and walk in those heels!" Shortly after she then decided she would go for it. Well good thing she did, she absolutely rocked up there placing 3rd in a large class, and she was extemely confident!

Giselle Gaspar - Bikini Tall
Giselle was an absolute beauty up on stage, she had the walk and the attitude and has great potential to place top 5 at her next competition. I am excited to help her achieve this goal by the end of 2011.

                                                                    Figure Division

Trina Dean - 3rd Place Figure Short
Trina had the whole package and great genetics, and I was a little shocked that she didn't win her category,  but 3rd place for her first show is absolutely amazing! Trina just had a baby 1 year ago and this proves to all women out there that there is no excuse not to get your body back after having children. I am hoping she decides to go for BC Provincials and would love to train her again! This was a goal for her since she was in her 20's and I pushed her towards this goal because I had the same goal for a long time. I am absolutely thrilled that she decided to pursue her goal.

Becky Krenzel - 4th Place Figure Short
Becky is another example for all mothers out there, she has had 2 children and looks so amazing! Becky started at 9 weeks out and put muscle on her back and shoulders very quickly, which really quite stunned me how fast it came. She placed very well in a very hard class and I am so proud and excited for her! Becky will be continuing her training with me and we will be focusing on muscle mass and top 3 for next time!

Susie Willerth - Figure Masters
Susie had some tough competition in a very large Figure Masters class. She was very stunning in her red suit and looked completely ripped up there. Susie will be continuing her training with me and we will focus on building more muscle and placing top 5 for her next competition.

Great job girls! You all made me very proud!


  1. Congrats on your girls. Fantastic.

  2. Thank you I am so proud of them all!


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