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I dedicate this blog post to Trina Dean and Becky Krenzel, you girls are #1 examples of how its done!


I have trained a lot of moms over the years, and most of them struggle to get in to shape or to find the time to balance their family lives and working out. I try my hardest to help them figure out how to find the time, or the effort to get their bodies back to pre-baby weight.

This is 100% possible for all mother's out there, and Trina and Becky are prime examples of this. Trina has a little boy that just turned 1 year old and Becky has two little girls that she is constantly juggling around. They STILL find the time to work out. Yes Trina was still on maternity leave, but she is going back to work soon and I have 100% faith in her that she will still work out and find the time to keep her fitness going. Becky is not on maternity leave, she runs an orchard with her husband, plus has two little girls that keep her very busy. Becky still finds time to work out and eat clean.

Its all about priorities, and I believe that you have to make yourself a priority. You cannot take care of your loved ones if you let yourself go. If you are sick all the time from poor nutrition and inactivity, who is going to take care of your children?


Most gyms have child care and every mom out there deserves to have 1 hour of her life to herself. Bring your child to the gym and go workout! Take a class or meet a trainer, whatever it takes. Really there are no excuses. Don't worry about your child either because if there is a problem, the person running the child minding will come find you! YOU should not feel bad about having 1 hour of your time to yourself.

Even if you feel as if you cannot afford a gym pass, find a friend who has a child and go for walks or runs. There are many women out there who go for power walks pushing their child in their stroller. You can even stop at a park and do push ups and step ups on a bench somewhere.

Make time for yourself, not only will you feel better and look better, your family will appreciate a fit and healthy mom for years to come!


  1. Well done to these two mommy's, it takes totally dedication and more...RESPECT!!

  2. OMG They looked fabulous! I hope I can look nearly half as good on stage

  3. I so agree with you. Even if you don't have the time or money for a gym, one can do it at home as well.
    Well done to these two mothers. It is possible, they have surely shown that it is.


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