Workout For Wednesday, May 18

Only wanted to be at the gym today for 45 minutes since I am taking a work break this week, but still teaching my classes(bosu intervals tonight). I wanted to kick my butt and get out of there!

Close grip pullups 6-8 reps
Barbell bent over rows, 50lbs (at squat rack)
In and out jump squats 20 reps
3 sets back to back

One arm dumbbell row, 55lbs 6 reps
Over the bench hops(holding on to bench, both legs over) 20 reps
Side to side bench jumps(never know what to call this, one foot in middle of bench, other on floor, switching feet fast) 20 reps
3 sets back to back

At Free Motion Machine:
Low cable row, 37.5lbs 8 reps
Cable one arm lateral raises 10lbs, 8 reps
Frog jumps 15 reps(like a frog, I jumped across the gym for everyone to see)
Power lunges 20 reps
3 sets back to back

On knees, lat pull down 27.5lbs 8 reps
Dorthy jumps(my client Tracy came up with this one, didnt know what to call these, start in a squat, jump up and click heels together and land back in a squat) 15 reps
3 sets back to back

Dumbbell lateral raises 20lbs 8 reps 2 sets, last set 25lbs 6 reps
Straddle jumps on bench(straddle bench, jump high and land with both feet on bench) 10 reps
3 sets back to back

Shoulder press at squat rack 1st set with bar, 2nd and 3rd set with 7.5lbs each side 6 reps
You tube video
Star jumps 20 reps
3 sets

Walked on an incline on the treadmill for 15 minutes