Eat This Not That

Easy ideas for anyone!

Instead of sugary cereal for breakfast....
Eat a bowl of rolled oats with fruit on top!

Instead of a huge bagel full of carbs.....
           Choose a whole wheat tortilla for less calories and carbohydrates

Instead of peanut butter filled with sugar and hydrogenated oils....

Choose natural peanut butter, no sugar and no added oils

Instead of deep fried seafood full of uneccessary fats.....

                                         Have fresh seafood and make your own cocktail sauce!

Instead of deep fried chicken wings which only 10 can have over 1200 calories.....

Barbeque up your own lean chicken breast

Instead of a bowl of ice cream filled with sugars and fats.....

Make homemade yogurt pops!
(Find recipe on my facebook page


  1. Yummy! your healthier options are more appealing to me anyways!

  2. I like your "Eat this not that" posts.


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