WBFF Alberta Championships

I decided to do one more competition this year, the WBFF Alberta Championships in Calgary July 2nd! I did this show last year and won the figure short category. I am not expecting to win, but of course would be nice!

1st Place Figure Short WBFF 2010

I am leaner and harder than last year at this time so hopefully I have a good chance. I will be entering the Figure Short Category and the Fitness Model Short Category as well. I am excited that the WBFF finally split their Model categories in short and tall since last year I had to compete against over 50 girls in the Fitness Model category.

I will have a new bikini for the fitness model category as well as a theme outfit. Theme wear is usually a fun part of the competition!

I will start with depleting my body this Saturday as well as water loading. I will carb load starting on Thursday and fat load after cutting my water Friday night. I will also do a few different things this time around with my food which I will post after the competition.

9 days out!


  1. Wow! you are a force! good luck with the next nine days I am sure you will rock it and I cant wait to hear about your food! :)

  2. Go get it, girl! Supporting u from the east coast!


  3. Be Fit Str8fit!! you got this!!


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