Eat This not That Part 2

Part 2 of eat this not that....

Stay away from the sugary fruit flavored candy filled with modified corn starch, gelatin and glucose syrup....

Satisfy your sweet tooth with real fruit instead!

Instead of greasy fries that have lots of calories and fat....

Why not make your own baked sweet potato fries?
2 tablespoons of Ranch dressing on your salad can be up to 150 calories and 16 grams of fat......

Why not pour your own dressing with balsamic vinegar and healthy fats like olive oil? 
Instead of pre-made sugary iced tea on a hot summer day....

Why not make your own iced tea by brewing your favorite tea flavor and adding natural sweetener?
Don't waste your money on a bag of honey roasted almonds at the store, full of sugar and salt....
Make a big batch of oven roasted almonds at home with your own spices!


  1. mmm I love roasting my own almonds

    Tamari flavoured are my favourite!

  2. I did not know that the pre-made Ice tea had sugar in?!? Luckily I don't drink Ice Tea - in my opinion tea taste better warm :)
    I like that you are blogging more often now - again, love these posts.

  3. Thank you! I really like blogging =)


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