My Top 10 Fit Ladies!

I posted about my top 10 fitness men, now I will post the ladies! Some of these women have been inspirational since the beginning of my fitness journey, some came a little later and a few inspired me just recently.

1. Erin Stern

Erin has been a favorite competitor of mine for a few years now. She started as a track athlete and build muscle naturally. She earned her IFBB Pro Card by winning the Overall Figure Championship at NPC Nationals in 2008, which was her third show. Erin captured her first title as the 2010 Olympia Figure Champion. She has a BA in Environmental Policy from UF, and is currently a Realtor, contest prep consultant, and a writer.

2. Gwen Stefani
This music artist, actress and producer was fit from the day I started listening to her music. She was always fit and always worked out and watched what she ate and at 42 years old she is a fit mom!

3. Jamie Eason
Its not a surprise that I am a fan of Jamie Eason. This girl has my dream job! She does it all, she writes and is a model for Oxygen Magazine and, she travels to shows and she is always fit! She is also a breast cancer survivor which means a lot to me, cancer runs in my family and my mother is a breast cancer survivor as well.

4. Susan Lucci
This 65 year old Soap Opera icon is in fabulous shape and looks amazing! She has her own skin care line, and she has talked about how she works out every morning at 5am. Well, she is definitely doing something right!

5. Elisabeth Hasselbeck
This feisty talk show host on the view has recently earned my respect. I had no idea she was in such good shape. After being diagnosed with celiac disease, Elisabeth needed to revamp her diet to be gluten free. She has even written a New York Times best selling book on the topic called "The G-Free Diet: A Gluten Free Survival Guide". She has even come out with her own gluten-free protein bars called "Nogii bars". How cool is that?

6. Monica Brant
This figure icon and WBFF Pro has been an inspiration to me since I was 23 years old. She is one of the reasons I started working out and she also is the reason why I started competing. I had the pleasure of meeting her last year, she awarded me my 1st place trophy at the 2010 WBFF Alberta Championships and it was pretty cool!

7. Tosca Reno
This 52 year old fitness model, columnist and author of the "Eat Clean Diet" series is so amazing! She was in horrible shape when she met the owner of Oxygen Magazine, and she didn't get into shape until she was in her 40's. She proves that it is never too late to get in shape and get the body you want!

8. Madonna

Madonna is one fit mom! She has always kept her body in shape and still does at the age of 53 still has an amazing rock hard body! She has two kids and still looks youthful. Also, look at her arms they are amazing!

9. Marion Oczkowski

This woman is a really good friend of mine in Kelowna. She is 54 years old and in incredible shape! She has been working out hard and eating clean since she was 19 years old and never stopped. She did her first bodybuilding competition back in the 1980's, which inspired her to hold clinics at a local gym for women who wanted to learn more about health and fitness. She battled through a few major injuries that was supposed to leave her paralyzed and she fought her way back on her feet and back to the gym. She did her first figure show in 2010 and placed 3rd in figure masters! She is active every day, lifts heavy and eats clean and will never stop!

10. Jessica Biel

I became a huge fan of Jessica after I watched the movie "Blade Trinity". She became super buff for the movie, working out endless hours in the gym and learning martial arts for her kick ass role as a vampire slayer. Seriously check out her arms! Too bad Justin Timberlake for letting this hot buff girl get away  =)


  1. I agree with all the choices you put down on here. These ladies are sure a great example of health and fitness. Especially the ladies from Oxygen.


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