My Top Ten Fit Men

I have done a few posts about fit women and who inspires me, I think its about time to list my top ten fit men and my reasons why I picked them!

1. Hugh Jackman
At 43 years old, this man is still in amazing shape and obviously takes care of himself. Just check out his shoulders and abs, wowee is all I got to say.

2. Mark Wahlberg

This is kind of a beat up picture of him filming "The Fighter" but at 40 years old, this guy never stopped working out since his "Marky Mark" days of dropping his pants. He did intense training for 3 years for this movie.

3. Obi Obadike

This fitness model and WBFF Pro always looks like this, no joke! I guess he has to when he is always landing magazine covers and doing photoshoots.

4. Georges St. Pierre

This Canadian born MMA athlete is in amazing shape all the time and his workouts are amazing! He is one of my favorite athletes and I love watching him perform in the octagon. The way he trains for his fights is pretty crazy intense and I love watching his youtube videos. He was bullied as a child and started to train in Kyokushin Karate at the age of 7 with his father to protect himself at school, and later took up wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He continued his training as an adult and to pay off his training, he worked at a Montreal night club as a bouncer and also worked as a garbage man for 6 months. Now he is a pro mixed martial artist.
Check out this youtube video of GSP training for his UFC fight

5. Kendall Wood

This WBFF Pro and fitness model beat the odds at an early age. He has a serious illness but he fought his way to health. Now he is a huge inspiration in the fitness world and in amazing shape proving everyone wrong about his health.

6. Ryan Reynolds

This Canadian actor is always in shape. He was huge for Blade Trinity, but has let go of some of his size because this naturally lean man found it hard to eat 8 times per day to keep himself looking large. That's ok though, he still is amazing looking!

7. Greg Plitt

This man is probably one of the biggest fitness models in the world landing the most covers. He has never competed to prove himself and has an amazing career in the fitness industry.

8. Tommy Europe

This Canadian superstar has an amazing career to go along with his amazing body. I have trained with Tommy 3 times now and he is as sweet as he is hot! CFL athlete turned personal trainer has two T.V. shows, "The Last Ten Pounds Boot Camp" and "Bulging Brides" also has 2 books out, and he tours Canada with his Shred Camp and kicks people's butts all across our Country.

9. Will Smith

This 43 year old actor and producer sure is different from his "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" days. He is in amazing shape and has been for years.

10. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Last but definitely not least, Dwayne Johnson. He has been my favorite bodybuilder, actor and athlete for many, many years. I first noticed him back in his "WWE" days of dropping the "people's elbow" and his famous one liner of "you smell what the Rock is cooking" while lifting his one brow( I started to copy his one brow lift). This man came from nothing, then he had a 4 year stint with the NFL and CFL. After his short career with football, he became famous with his career in wrestling which lasted 8 years and later becoming an actor in some of my favorite movies like "Walking Tall", "Fast Five" and "Faster".

I decided to post 2 pictures of him since he is so bad ass looking ;)


  1. Yummy. I love all the Canadian hotties you've listed : ) all of them have achieved an immense level of fitness.

  2. I so agree with you regarding Dwayne Johnson. Although he stopped being an athlete and now doing movies, he still ensure that he looks good and eat healthy. A true inspiration.


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