Christmas is Over!

Many people wait anxiously for Christmas, and are sad when it has come to an end. Frankly I am not a huge fan of this holiday for many reasons, but one reason is all the junk food that people bring around.

Friends and family feel generous this time of year and like to bring chocolate, candy, cookies and other goodies around, which I really find unnecessary. Can't I just have a fruit basket?

I find it really strange that this time of year is filled with so much junk that causes people to put on up to 10 pounds by the time New Years day rolls around. The gym fills up with so many people freaking out about their weight, which makes it a very busy time for us personal trainers.

I need to brag about this and let everyone know that this is the first Christmas EVER that I did not have any chocolate, cookies, candy or any goodies of any kind. I felt great about it and did not care to have any of it. In fact, I just felt disgusted with it all. Christmas time is a time for joy and be with your loved ones, its not a time to put on 5 pounds and not fit in your jeans.

I did still have a bit of wine, which really was not very much at all. The most I had was 2 glasses on Christmas day. This is much, MUCH less then I have consumed in the past. Even though I have a love for red wine, I have not felt the need to over-indulge this whole year(which has kept off some pounds in the off season).

I am home now having a healthy dinner and contemplating on doing a living room workout since I had 2 days off. I am actually watching my husband do a workout, he must feel bad about the way he ate(hee hee). As much as I like to visit the in laws, 100 Mile House is not a very motivating place for working out.

Bring on the New Year!


  1. Can't agree with you more! I made it through too lost 3 pounds YAY!


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