No Time for Working Out Workout

The gym is getting more quiet as the holiday season approaches us. I find this so ridiculous how this happens every year. The gym is virtually dead in December, and when January hits, its a mess! Try to break this gym habit and continue to work out, even if its for a short amount of time.

Here is a quick workout that will get you sweating!

20 Jump Squats
20 Push ups
20 Bicycles
3 sets back to back no breaks

20 Step ups on each leg
20 Lateral bench hops(hold on to bench and jump over landing on other side of bench)
20 Mountain Climbers
3 sets back to back no breaks

10 Squat and shoulder press(with a bar or dumbbells, holding heavier weight)
20 Plank Rows(hold dumbbells in push up position, alternate lifting dumbbell up squeezing shoulder blade)
10 Burpees
3 sets back to back no breaks

20 Jumping Lunges(alternating legs)
10 Bicep Curls 10 Hammer Curls
20 Medicine Ball Slam(Bring medicine ball up above head and forcefully slam the ball down to floor. Repeat)
3 sets back to back no breaks

Have fun!