Angry Girl

Do you ever get annoyed about the little things? Can be nothing really, like dropping your keys or dishes in your sink. You just get so annoyed and mad that it actually puts you in a bad mood. This is the week I have had.

I felt annoyed everyday this week about the dumbest things! Funny thing is, there were others like me in the week of "pissy-ness". I am thinking  it's the weather and we all need more Vitamin D.

My diet made me angry this week. My competition is June 30th and I decided to begin my competition diet. I have been counting my calories religiously, which for the record, I despise, and did not lose even 1/2 a pound since I have been back from my Thailand trip. I lost 5 pounds in Thailand eating pineapple, coconut, chicken, eggs, green curry, squid and beer, yes beer. I come back to Canada with a game plan, and as strict as can be, and not even 1/2 pound!

People have asked me why I would start my competition diet so early, and this is exactly why. Last year I had a horrible time losing weight, so I decided to start when I got back from my trip. Thankfully I lost weight on my trip, which actually puts me ahead of the game, and I should be happy, but right now I feel annoyed.

Unfortunately I have done too many competitions and my body is used to all the different diets I throw at it. Thankfully I have Sean Hawthorne from One Life Health and Wellness making up a new diet that is sure to mix things up and shock my body. I will be starting on Monday. This weekend I will be eating more to recharge my body.

When I truly think about this situation, this is such a silly reason to be annoyed and angry. So many other things can be happening to make life much much worse. I don't have to do the competition, I just want to. I have a different goal in mind then most people who compete, and can't get there unless I am super lean, but sometimes I think "this is not worth the trouble". Why do I have to be so competitive? Must be the bull-headed Portuguese in me. When I want something, I don't stop until I achieve it.

I would never just start eating non-stop and putting on excess weight because I enjoy looking like a fitness model. It just wouldn't be me to do something like that in the first place.

When we get annoyed over silly things, we need to take a step back, re-assess and think. I am writing this blog just so I can think and get my feelings out for me to read. It really helps, try it!

Hope my rant helps a few of you! Everything will be OK (insert smiley here)