Gearing Up For My Next Competition

The month of January was wonderful, fun in the sun and long beach runs in Thailand. Had some Chang beer, which was very delicious in the hot sun, and also indulged in some rich Thai foods and ate pineapple like crazy.

Now that I am back in Canada, I am 100% full gear in to competition mode!

I started this line that I say to myself and the girls that I am training for the Western Canadians in May. "Operation Shrink Butt". It is becoming popular and everyone is starting to say this line. In 2011, after my competitions and attending the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic, I noticed how small all the girls butts are and I realized that I need to shrink mine as well!

I started "Operation Shrink Butt" at the beginning of December, and already lost 1/2 inch around my hips/butt. I managed this by pushing the prowler 2-3x per week for 8-10 sets.

Even though I did indulge a bit in Thailand on things I would rarely have in Canada, I ate way less(not intentionally) and worked out all the time. It is not convenient to be eating 6x per day in Thailand like I usually do in Canada. We were always on the move, and that is when the pineapple became convenient. So easy to pick up anywhere from a vendor!

I became obsessed with "Operation Shrink Butt" and brought a measuring tape with me. I measured around my hips and glutes 2 weeks into my trip and no change. I was happy because my goal was to not get larger in that area. At the end of my trip, I measured again, and to my astonishment I lost another 1/2 inch! I couldn't believe my eyes. I measured 5 times before I actually believed it.

I am back home now and on my diet 100%, and pushed the prowler 8x yesterday for the first time in 1 month. It felt great! I am super excited to see my results by June 30th. I plan on adding Muay Thai to my training, which will be good for my body since I am not used to this type of training.

June 30th Provincials, Bikini division! Should be interesting.