Workout February 25

I realize that I did not post a workout in a while! Here was my workout on Saturday. This was a very tough workout, and I felt a little queasy by the end of it since I did not take too many breaks. My arms and legs were shaking. If you do this workout, keep in mind that it is an advanced workout, you will need lots of water and eat immediately after you are done.

Walking Lunges 40-50 reps
Prowler Pull
Prowler Push
Frog Jumps 20-30
Seated Rows: 12,8,6 reps light weight to perform 12 reps, heaviest for 6 reps
Lat Pull Down: same as seated rows

3 Sets back to back

1 minute sprint on treadmill
One Leg Glute Kickback Machine 25lbs 8 reps
Hanging Leg Raises 8 reps

3 Sets back to back

With 15lbs:

10 Lateral Raises
10 Shoulder Press, when complete hold dumbbells up with elbows in line with shoulders 10 seconds and repeat
10 Bicep Curls, hold dumbbells at half curl position 10 seconds and repeat

3 sets back to back