Can't Have Your Cake AND Eat It Too!

Lately I have been feeling frustrated with people's attitudes about weight loss and food. So many people are either in denial or just plain(trying to be nice) not smart about why they can't lose weight.

Bottom can't have your cake and eat it too! Literally!

If you keep shoveling junk in your mouth, then don't expect to lose your belly fat, or shrink your butt or get rid of the flabby arms. It just does not work!

You have to make a commitment to your body and a new lifestyle, and make a choice of what is more important; achieving the body you desire and live a happy life, or keep eating sugar, processed foods, drinking alcohol, pop, and feeling miserable every time you need to get a bigger size for your jeans or hating the reflection in the mirror.

The choice is yours to make. I didn't look like this all my life. I was very unhealthy and gaining fat like crazy from my pizza, blizzard, cookie, Mc Donalds fries and chip diet and decided at a very young age that enough was enough.

You don't believe me? Look at this picture below.....

I have had this picture for a while now and was so ashamed of it, but now I want you to all know the truth! This was me at my heaviest weight at 22 years old. I too was upset and depressed so I kept eating more garbage and hating myself. I decided to change. I will never go back to that and will never sacrifice all my hard work. I used to look at Monica Brant and Jamie Eason for motivation, now I motivate myself.

Me 13 years later

Hell ya! I won't trade these abs in for all the blizzards and pizza in the world!

Angelique Kronebusch